The Revenue Driving Tactic Most Account Managers Neglect

The Account Manager is an extension of the sales team, but instead of focusing on bringing on new clients, we focus on client services. We pick up the ball after contracts are signed and execute the agreed engagement. 

We are part salespeople, part Project Managers, part customer service agents, part therapists we do it all…seriously we do. The Account Management team facilitates the engagement kick-off call with the key points of contact on the client-side and key internal team members. We are the clients’ guide through the engagement and beyond. We gain an understanding of the clients’ needs and goals and enact a plan to ensure the engagement is successful. 

By aiming to provide clarity on what was purchased and manage expectations, an Account Manager must foster long term business relationships and ensure client retention. It’s a job that serves two masters, the clients, and the company. 

Typically, the day-to-day duties of an Account Manager include: 

  • Communicating regularly with clients to ensure all of their needs are understood and addressed
  • Building strong client relationships to maintain old business and acquire new customers
  • Collaborating with internal departments to ensure that they fulfill all customer requests
  • Project Management keeping track of assignment of tasks, managing deadline adherence, and presentation of deliverables 
  • Resolving complaints and keeping track of all processes that pertain to the client’s needs
  • Acting on behalf of the client’s to ensure their needs are met with a focus on improving customer experience
  • Identifying and executing on revenue-generating opportunities
  • Crafting and presenting engagement renewals and client retention activities

What is Account-Based Selling (ABS)? 

Account-based selling, also known as account-based sales or hyper-segmented sales, is a strategic sales model in which the sale of services is presented to narrow segments of the target audience or specific decision-makers. 

Usually, account-based selling initiatives begin after an Account Manager gains an understanding of the client’s needs and the inner workings of organizational processes. 

Having good internal intelligence allows the Account Manager to develop the best possible plan to achieve the clients’ goals. Without this information, the overall campaign can run into hiccups and bumps in the road that can impact overall performance and fall short of expectations.

Why Do Most Account Managers Neglect Account-Based Selling?

If you know a good Account Manager, you understand they are busy with a capital B. 

Account Managers are often juggling multiple projects and are tasked with maintaining client satisfaction and ensuring client retention. Unfortunately, identifying opportunities to “expand” on an engagement gets pushed to the bottom of the “to-do” list. 

Some Account Managers arrogantly think they have a “great relationship” with their point of contact and trust the POC will drop revenue growth opportunities in their laps. The main point of contact may be a “champion” of your organization, but what happens if there is a change in personnel? 

Time-poor Account Managers forget that spreading the gospel on behalf of their organization is a crucial area of focus and a sure-fire way to meet revenue growth goals. Developing and maintaining an actionable Account-based Sales strategy is a must-do.

How Shantel Wins at Account-Based Sales!

I regularly collaborate with the marketing team at iPullRank to develop and implement monthly/quarterly outreach initiatives. We identify areas where our clients need help but haven’t had the opportunity to develop a successful strategy. We are meant to be an extension of our client’s internal team, and by finding ways to improve growth to their bottom line, we are helping them succeed just as much as we are iPullRank. 

Additionally, our marketing team stays on top of industry best practices. We craft and disseminate messaging intended to keep iPullRank top of mind for our clients’ SEO and digital marketing needs. This takes a lot of time, research, and expertise, but by doing this, we show our value to a greater extent. 

What tips do you have to help AMs learn how to sell existing accounts better?

Pay attention! Don’t just go through the motions when on client calls. Ask questions and then ask more questions. If you can keep clients speaking about their needs and challenges, you will get many opportunities to be the hero and swoop in with solutions they desperately need. 

Why Work with iPullRank?

At iPullRank, our Client Services team approaches Account Management with a problem-solving mindset. We are not just here trying to “upsell.” Our goal is to ensure our clients get everything they expect from their engagement and more. We often serve as a conduit to external sources to ensure the client achieves their desired goals. 

Reach out to one of our Account Executives today, and you’ll be one step closer to working with me to find the best avenue to achieve your specific goals. 

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