How to Add or Claim a Citysearch Listing

When looking for online directories to add your business data to in the USA, you’ll no doubt come across Citysearch, an “online city guide that provides information about businesses in the categories of dining, entertainment, retail, travel, and professional services”.

As you’ve probably gathered, though, the focus here is on businesses in cities in the United States, so if that’s not you, I’d recommend taking a look at the other top citation sites to get listed on.

Citysearch is run by Citygrid, which in turn gets its data from Express Update (via Data Axle – pretty complex, isn’t it?), so you’ll need to go via Express Update to input your business data. If you want to set up a Citysearch listing for your business, or even just claim one, you’ll need to follow the process to get your business data added to the directory.

Looking to add more than ten locations to Citysearch? There’s no easy way to manually manage this in bulk, but you can achieve this easily by submitting data to Infogroup via BrightLocal’s Data Aggregator submissions service.

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