NEW: Foursquare Brings Faster, More Cost-effective Data Aggregator Submissions

Today we’re announcing a change to the data aggregators offered through our Citation Builder service.

As you might know, Acxiom, one of the ‘Big Four’ data aggregators, will be discontinuing its data layer from 31st December, 2019, leaving a large gap in the arsenal of citation builders.

The good news is that for the last few months we’ve been working closely with another provider making big waves in the aggregator space. We’re excited to announce that from today, we’ll be making location data powerhouse Foursquare available to customers as a data aggregator!

Why Foursquare?

You might mainly be familiar with Foursquare from their days as a mapping solution, but since then they’ve developed and enhanced their location data offering to make them a major player in data integrity and accuracy.

A Trusted Partner in the Location Data Industry

There are plenty of reasons we chose Foursquare to replace Acxiom. For a start, they’re a well-known and trusted business with a long history of focused work on location data. This good reputation can be seen in partnerships with titans like Amazon.

Speedier Turnaround

Another reason is speed of submission. Foursquare is so trusted that some directories and apps accept its data submissions instantly, meaning that you can get your business information onto some of the key sites much more quickly.

Even Better Value Aggregator Submissions

Because submitting through Foursquare is slightly less costly than Acxiom, we’re able to bill you less for your submissions if you choose to only submit through Foursquare. While submitting solely through Acxiom previously cost our customers $25 per location, submitting solely through Foursquare will cost our customers just $15 per location.

Worldwide Coverage

Foursquare also works in a huge number of countries around the world, giving us the potential to broaden our citation building service internationally, something that we know many of you have been looking for.

Is This the End of the ‘Big Four’?

Quite possibly! There are more nimble data providers coming into the marketplace, many without the trappings that come with being part of a giant, worldwide data group. This means local businesses looking to build citations don’t have to rely quite so much on the monopoly presented by four large companies, leading to the potential of more competitive pricing, among other benefits.

However, in order to manually reach the same number of apps and online directories in this brave new world of more, and smaller, aggregators, you’ll need to submit to many more of them, leading to far more processes to learn and more time spent submitting data. We think this makes submitting to all key aggregators through a single platform like BrightLocal much more appealing.

Whichever way the wind blows, we’ll be keeping a close eye on up-and-coming data aggregators to ensure that BrightLocal always offers the most accurate and cost-effective data aggregator submissions in the market.

Any questions?

We appreciate that for long-term users of BrightLocal’s data aggregator submissions service, this change might raise a few questions, so we’ve attempted to answer as many as possible in a series of FAQs.

If you have any other questions, we’ll be happy to answer them via [email protected].

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